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Offered Experiences

At MUSE, we don't just take photographs, we create experiences, we seek to help you be known and we seek life. We provide experiences that are paired with coaching, boudoir style photography and are open to creative projects you can envision and want to create.  


Coaching and Photography

Processing a transition or preparing for a new chapter in life can be an intense experience. As a coach, Drayce can support you in a coaching intensive that will be customized to meet your needs and will culminate in a photography session where you are empowered to feel and then see yourself. Please reach out to learn more.


Boudoir Style

I delight in taking gritty, bizarre, artful, powerful and beautiful photos. You can wear clothes or not, we can meet in the privacy of my speakeasy style studio or we can discuss outdoor or onsite options. I can take BDSM style, couples or other alternative styles of photos that allow you to truly see yourself.

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