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Who I am

My name is Drayce and I am deeply glad that you made your way here today. I am excited to connect with you and discuss the work we can do together.


I am a trans/non-binary, disabled, badass artist and coach who believes in finding what is possible through risk taking and the intentional introduction of chaos. I do life with my constant muse and service dog, Kindynos. She is beauty and power and inspiration in a fur suit.

I am a dreamer of big dreams and believer that we often have to get gritty and real to find what really matters. I love to use light, shadow, glass, smoke and mirrors to allow us to feel ourselves and see us through photographs.

Jess waterfall.jpg

Who are you?

You are seeking transition or you are seeking to better know the you that is experiencing the transition. Perhaps you chose this change or perhaps life has thrown it upon you, but either way you find yourself here, in this moment- wanting to know, wanting to experience. You are tired of the status quo and want to see yourself, the gritty, the sexual, the dark, the sad, the exuberant because it is too important not to.

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